To book board on-line, please go to our Boarding Booking Page. If you are an existing customer, and have not set on-line reservations with us and would like to, please give us a call or e-mail us!

If you prefer, you may still make reservations by calling (816) 858-7387 or emailing us at

2018 Boarding Prices
1 - 35 pounds $25.00
36 - 49 pounds $26.00
50 - 74 pounds $27.00
75 - 90 pounds $28.00
91 pounds & up $31.00


We continue to offer a 10% discount for active military, police and fire.

We provide a free kennel bath for dogs staying more than three nights. Kennel baths are also available for dogs staying less than three nights at a rate of $18.00. That fee includes a nail trim and anal extraction.