Health Information & Requirements


Your pet's health and happiness are very important to us. Our veterinary care plan has been developed in consultation with our veterinarian.


All guests are examined for fleas at check in. If we find fleas or ticks our guests will visit the Spa for a bath, brush out and skin conditioning treatment prior to being taken to their suite. The price of the bath and skin treatment is $25.00. For the safety and comfort of all our guests we are unable to check in any guests without the proper veterinarian certifications.


The required vaccinations for your pet are as follows: DOGS: Rabies vaccination is required by state law for all dogs four months of age and older. The combination vaccine commonly known as "distemper" (DHPPV or DH2PV) actually protects your dog against five or six viral diseases, including canine distemper and parvovirus. This vaccine is required since these diseases can be life-threatening to unvaccinated dogs. Bordetella or kennel cough vaccination is particularly vital for all dogs in a boarding or day care situation, since the infection is airborne and quite common where dogs are housed together or play together. CATS: Rabies vaccination is required by state law for all cats four months of age and older. The combination vaccine commonly known as "RCP" protects your cat against serious upper respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses. Upper respiratory infections can be quite contagious in boarding situations, so this vaccine is highly recommended to protect your feline friend.


We prefer guests over the age of six months be spayed or neutered prior to check-in. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, please let us know at time of first booking so we can discuss the implications in terms of free play.


We STRONGLY recommend that you do not board any pet under 6 months of age. They are still subject to a variety of illnesses, including PARVO. We do understand that there can be an emergency situation that would necessitate boarding a young puppy or kitten. If this occurs please call us to discuss. We will try to help you make arrangements that are safe and practical for you, your pet and our other guests.


Tips to Reduce Your Pet’s Stress During Your Absence


Your pet depends on you for everything! Shelter, food, water and love. When you're away it can be traumatic and frightening. Your pet can stop eating, have intestinal issues, suffer from anxiety or become depressed. At Main Street we understand. Boarding your precious pet here is all about a no stress experience for both of you.

A stress-free vacation begins at check in. HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Your pet may react to your scent on their toys and bedding. This can cause them to spend their time looking for you and expecting you to appear. We understand your desire to bring toys and bedding from home. We cannot guarantee they will return in the condition they arrive. Dogs will be dogs! Please consider that this might be worse instead of better. If any guest shows signs of depression during their visit we may need to temporarily remove items brought from home to see if it helps. Your pet knows you and your moods. If you can, please try to let US do the hugging and kissing while you slip quietly out the door. If your pet senses your anxiety he or she will respond by worrying. Just remember ... you're going to have a great vacation and so is your baby.


A Typical Day on Main Street


We proudly serve Pro Pac pet food.  We offer Adult Chicken Meal & Rice Formula, Lamb Meal & Rice, and Small Breed Adult.  Please visit www.propacpetfood.com for more information on this great company.

We are happy to accommodate your pet's unique dietary needs and schedule. If you bring food from home, please provide a labeled, sealed container and any instructions.


Your pet will have a very full day! Large dogs rotate into the play park no fewer than five times daily. Small dogs and cats typically spend the majority of their day in free play, kenneling for meals, naps and bedtime.

The day's agenda is typically as follows:

5:00 am  Pets are awakened to answer the call of nature.

6:00 am  Breakfast is served

7:00 am  Nap, digestion

8:00 am  Play park rotations in play groups

11:00 am  Nap (play park is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

12:00 pm Play park rotations in play groups

4:00 pm  Supper

5:00 pm  Play park rotations in play groups

7:30 pm  Final short rotation to potty

9:00 pm  Lights out

DOGS: It is our firm belief that, for the most part, caged dogs are stressed dogs. As the most social of all animals, dogs NEED to be with humans and/or other animals to thrive. The day will be spent visiting other guests in their suites, hanging out with the staff or enjoying a romp in our indoor park. Boredom leads to stress engaging and interacting with your dog is the primary task of our staff.

CATS: As we're sure you know ... dogs have owners and cats have staff. You can go on your trip assured that the King or Queen of your household will be treated like Royalty during your absence. They will love their apartment. Lots of toys and fun things to climb in and out of will keep him or her amused all day. Our staff spends significant time with the cats -- brushing, petting and playing with our vacationing Highnesses.


Our resort features a large open space with high ceilings and lots of natural light. We play soothing music all day and for an hour after bedtime.


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